Thursday, September 8, 2011


Excerpts from Manju's Interview on Asianet TV Channel Telecast on Tiruvonam Day inSeptember 2007.

P.S: Videoquality is not very great because this was recorded on a VHS Tape while it was telecast in 2007. I recently found the VHS Cassette and converted the tape intoDVD format.



Toronto Indian said...

Manju, pl. excuse - this is not in reference to your TV clip. Just trying to get a message across to your better half.

Not seen any posts of late. How come? Well begun is half done. Your older posts were interesting.

Viswanathan (Kanan) - your name sake in Canada

Kannan said...

Hi Vish,

Thank you for your comment. I plead guilty. I have not been very active on the blog for the last couple of months due to various reasons, none of which are acceptable reasons but mere excuses.

However, I will take your comment as a wake-up call and start working on the blog and add more posts.


b.t.w: Are you R. Viswanathan, a distant relative of mine, who, I think lives in USA or Canada? It's slightly difficult to explain how we are related, but if you are the R.V I am looking for then you know how we are related. Otherwise, it doesn't matter!!

Toronto Indian said...

Your bro Sudarshan knows me and the connection.

Kannan said...

Pray, tell me what it is, unless it's a closely guarded secret that I should not be privy to!!!