Wednesday, October 6, 2010


The pre-specs for embarking on our sojourn to see Endhiran was quite exciting. “I am driving by the side of Galleria Cinema and if you guys are interested I will book tickets for all of us to see Endhiran” our friend Krishnan offered on phone. "Yes, yes, yes, please" Manju and I squealed in excitement. "Book the next available slot, any day, any show. Luckily, Krishnan got the tickets for night-show on Monday (04/10/10) and I was saved from the embarrassment and hassles of bunking office or leaving early. The journey from our home at Springs to Galleria Cinema was equally exciting. "Let us take the Metro and Krishnan can pick us up at Bur-Juman Station (Khalid Bin Walid Station)" Manju suggested.

On Monday evening we hopped on Manju's Pajero at 6:15 P.M (for the 8:00 P.M show) and I stepped on the accelerator and steered the Car to the Nakheel Harbour Metro Station. I parked at Nakheel Harbour and we rode the escalator to the platform. Just before entering the platform, I checked the balance Credit in our NOL Cards. Manju had sufficient Credit for the return journey but I had only 7.00 Dirhams Credit in my NOL Card; 1.20 Dirhams short for the return journey. So I refilled my Card for 20 Dirhams and passed triumphantly through the turnstiles into the Platform only to see the Rashidiya bound train leaving the Platform. After 7 minutes waiting the next train to Rashidiya stopped at the Platform but the time was already 6:45 P.M and the Metro takes about 45 Minutes for the journey from Nakheel Harbour to Bur-juman Station. By simple arithmetic, we will reach Bur-Juman station by 7:30 P.M and 30 Minutes is not at all sufficient if Al-Shindagah Tunnel is choked with the evening traffic.

I kept looking at my watch as the Metro slowly trundled through Dubai Marina, Mall of the Emirates, World Trade Center Stations and I was in a state of frenzy by the time the train left Al Karamaa Station. However Manju was keeping her cool and enjoying the ride. We alighted on the dot at 7:30 P.M at Bur-Juman Station and came out. Krishnan whisked us away in his Prado and thankfully traffic was moving fast in the road to Al Shindagah Tunnel. We parked at Galleria Cinema at 10 Minutes to 8:00 and walked into the Cinema Hall for Screen 1. The usher showed us to our seats and the moment we sat, the hall lights were switched-off and the screen came alive.



Rajni’s acting – well executed given that the ageing superstar is 62 plus

Visual delight – Computer graphics and animation are superb. You sit zapped for the last 15 Minutes

Danny Denzongpa the Bollywood villain of yesteryears as the jealous Professor

Cameo by Delhi Kumar (the stage veteran) as Rajni’s father, the Late Kochi Haneefa as traffic police inspector and Kalabhavan Mani as the ruffian rustic

The first-half (till Interval) is thoroughly enjoyable, especially Rajni’s stunt and fight with the local goons in the suburban electric train


Comedy track by Karunas & Santhanam – the less said about it, the better

A.R. Rahman’s Music – a disappointment. You don’t remember a single number of his in this flick as you walk out of the theater and that is indeed a disappointment

Passing-off Aishwarya Rai at 37 as a College Girl - Agreed that she is ex-Miss World and beauty queen of 1994 but now she is 37 and much water has flown under the bridge in these 16 Years. Most of the Bollywood heroines move off the shelf to mother roles at 37 but Aishwarya Rai is adamantly sticking to the showcase. She is used as an eye-candy yes,but the candy is shopsoiled!!

Robot falling in love with a girl – this theme is as old as the hill


Hello there – why no mention of writer Sujata except as an also-ran in the titles. This Science fiction came out of the late writer’s brain and I am sure he was the man behind all the technical aspects and computer graphics in this movie. Even the name ‘Endhiran’ was given by Sujata but I didn’t see any credit to the late writer.

There is nothing new in the climax - the Giant Robot made of tens of thousands of Robots sticking together walking in the traffic and crushing cars, buses and trucks with his giant sized toes – we have already seen this in Godzilla. So, what else is new?!!


Recommended as a visual delight but nothing much to write home about.


harimohan said...

dear ram ,
the Galleria trip seems to b more intresting than endhiran itself

we may go today
thalaivar epidiirrukarnnu pakkalam

harimohan said...

exactly same opinion after seeing the endhiran