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It was indeed apleasant surprise to receive a mail from Radhu, a recent visitor fromUSA stating that he is also connected to a branch of the Parur Thoppil Madomfamily and Radhu is eagerly looking forward to more information on the Thoppil Madomfamily. Radhu’s mother was like a daughter to Chelli Athai and SundaramAthimber and I am sure Radhu will share more information with us.

Here is the exchange of my e-mails with Radhu.


On Fri, Sep 2, 2011at 12:42 AM,



My name is Radhakrishnan. I was browsing the internet and bychance I saw your blog mentioning your relatives from North Paravoor.

I was thinking that we may have some common relatives since Ihave heard the names like Vaidyanatha Iyer, Chelli ( his sister ). Mymother who pased away recently was raised by Chelli. Chelli's husband, SundaramIyer retired as a postmaster in Coonoor. He passed away sometine in 1978or so. Chelli passed away a couple of years before his demise.

Please email me if you think there is a common thread. I will bedelighted to know you all.



On Fri, Sep 2, 2011 at 2:39 AM, Ram <> wrote:

Dear Radhu,

Extremely glad to receive your mail and more so you visited myblog on Ponnappamy grandfather.

Yes, there is indeed a common thread and I am sure we arerelated. My grandfather Ponnappa was the youngest of the 4 brothers, and Shri.Vaidyanatha Iyer, who retired as DSP of Kerala Police was his elder brother.Chelli Athai (as we call her) was Ponnappa's younger sister (perhaps theyoungest of Amma Paatti's 7 children) and her husband Sundaram Athimbaer was aPost Master.

Chelli Athai died in July 1977 and Athimbaer passed away in1978.

I live in Dubai with my family and I have two daughters, bothmarried. My wife Manjula is from Madras. Please do write about yourself,your family, what you are doing and where you have settled etc.


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Date: Fri, Sep 2, 2011 at 6:09 PM
Subject: Re: North Paravoor relative ?
To: Ram

So it is now confirmed!

It is now my turn. I think from what I have heard, mygrandfather and your grandfather were first cousins. My grandfather's name wasRanganatha Iyer, and his dad's name was Rama Iyer or Sastrigal. My grandfatherwas a poor school teacher teaching sanskrit at the Parur sanskrit school ( Ithink). He had three sons and two daughters. My father , K.R Subramanian, washis second son. My dad passed away in 1979. He retired as Commercial Manager,Air India.The third son ( my fathers younger brother) was Prof K R Chandrasekharan)who passed away a few years ago in Mumbai. The first son ( my dad's elderbrother ) passed away in the sixties.
The initial 'K' stands for Kannankulangara ( in N. Parur).

I am in the US for the past 16 years. I am a Scientist byprofession but am now in IT. My wife's name is Subbalakshmy(Subba) and we have 2 daughters, Swarna and Divya.

I was in Parur when Chelli athai passed away in 1977. She raisedmy mom since her childhood.

I remember Sivan, his brother ( I forgot his name ) andthe eldest one who was a doctor at that time ( early 1980's). I think theperson standing on your left is Gopu- ( in one ofyour blogs). They had a house in Cochin.

I remember Mani ( Chandrasekharan) who had a fiercemoustache. He was the only son of Vaidyanatha Iyer, Retd DSP.

I shall send you some of our old pictures one of these days.

We will be in touch.


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